We are lighting planners: For the love of light

Why we are called perdix…


It all started with a fascination for light – and a visit to a trade fair in Hong Kong in 2009. We have been developing lights since 2013: high-quality and timeless. Here is our story:

Who we are

We have been involved with architecture and its staging for many years. As a designer, in retail, in marketing. But we wanted to tackle, design and produce ourselves. We were full of ideas, full of enthusiasm. In November 2013 we founded Perdix in Emmenbrücke. Today we work in Lucerne, our logistics center is in Steckborn on Lake Constance. We have a team in Hong Kong, our engineers work in Shenzhen. We still have lots of ideas. And our story continues.

What we do

We love designing lights and developing lighting solutions, sophisticated, with a sense of detail. Yes, often the little things are crucial. Precisely because our products are tailored entirely to the requirements of our customers. We value simple, well-thought-out design. The careful processing of selected materials and components is a must. We rely on the know-how and ingenuity of specialized engineers and developers.

Quality and passion for our LED lighting

Our passion lies in the design of lights and sophisticated lighting solutions. Every detail counts for us. We rely on simple, well-thought-out design and careful workmanship. With the expertise of experienced engineers and developers, we design individual solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our LED lighting stands for the highest quality. We attach great importance to selecting high-quality raw materials so that our lights are energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. Our products undergo strict quality controls to ensure they meet the highest standards.

What matters

As lighting planners, we know how light works, which is important when developing a luminaire and implementing a lighting concept. We advise and work closely with our customers, ideally from the start of the project. This creates lights that inspire, work and fit perfectly into the concept.

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«We wanted to tackle, design and produce ourselves. We were full of ideas, full of enthusiasm. And that’s how we founded Perdix.”

Ms. Perdix

For the love of light

Over the years, we have built up a great network with Perdix, in Switzerland and Asia: employees, experts, partners, producers, suppliers. We share with them the passion for light and the aim of always guaranteeing you – our customers – the highest quality: developed with joy, technologically advanced and carefully tested.