Pure passion for light

perdix LED lighting is unique: developed, designed and produced to meet the highest standards of form, functionality and quality. Energy efficient and sustainable. From people who know and love light. Details about our lights can be found in the data sheets.

Light works in many different ways. It influences the mood, directs perception and serves as orientation. Light complements the architecture, is part of it. We offer tailored lighting concepts and professional advice to get the best out of your project. Through the clever use of light, we complement the architecture and create a unique experience.

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So many ideas, so much enthusiasm: So we founded our own lighting company.

our LED lighting

From basic to unique: well thought out, stylish, high quality – and suitable for every requirement.



Learn more about our unique LED lighting, our history and our mission.

2024 – 2025

Here you will find our entire range of lights. Thanks to integrated QR codes, the latest videos,
data sheets and tutorials can be accessed at any time.

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led spot downlight::
Efficient, energy-saving and
long-lasting lighting solution with high flexibility.

Quality and passion for our LED lighting

Our passion lies in the design of lights and sophisticated lighting solutions. For us, every detail counts. We rely on simple, well-thought-out design and careful workmanship. With the expertise of experienced engineers and developers, we design individual solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our LED lighting stands for the highest quality. We attach great importance to selecting high-quality raw materials so that our lights are energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. Our products are subject to strict quality controls to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Questions? Wishes? We are glad to be here for you.

Georgia D. aka Ms. Perdix
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