There is always something moving in the perdix universe. In our blog you can see what’s going on with us and what’s new. And every now and then we also offer a look behind the scenes.

We will keep you up to date in our blog. Share with you current trends, innovative technologies and exciting projects in which our products are used. We would also like to introduce you to the diverse areas of application of LED lighting. Learn how LED light can improve the atmosphere of homes, offices, shops and public areas. We share tips and advice on how to make the most of LED lighting to create a pleasant and functional environment.

A look behind the scenes – Blog: passion for high-quality LED lights

We give you practical tips and advice about LED lighting in our blog. Learn how to choose the best light for specific applications, how to maximize energy efficiency, and how to extend the life of your LED lights. We want to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your lighting.

In regular articles we take you on a journey through our production facilities and introduce you to our dedicated employees. In “perdix Behind the Scenes” we show you how we continuously work on the development of new technologies and designs. You’ll gain insight into our research and development process and learn how we continually strive to push the boundaries of LED lighting and create innovative solutions.

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