Experience the world of perdix: A journey through innovation, sustainability and quality

Here you will find a selection of videos; We would like to tell you more about perdix and our unique LED lighting. Find out more about the history and background of our company. Get to know us better and find out more about our mission, values and goals.

Videos behind the scenes

Immerse yourself in our production facilities and gain an insight into the manufacturing process of our LED lighting. Get useful and exciting insights into the world of LED lighting technology and find out more about its sustainable production.

It all started with a fascination for light – and a visit to a trade fair in Hong Kong in 2009. We have been developing lights since 2013: high-quality and timeless. Here is our story:

perdix products in focus

Watch videos of our various products including LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0®, LIBRE SQUARE 2.0®, CHAMELEON®, DECENT® and CHEEKY®. Learn more about their unique features, designs and uses.

We hope that our videos give you a comprehensive insight into the world of perdix and our high-quality LED lighting.