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Production: injection molding technology

Injection molding technology in production at perdix

To produce the basic parts of our products, we use, among other things, injection molding technology. For example, for the production of the basic parts such as the diffuser and the lamp body of our LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0®. The plastic PC (polycarbonate) is used, which is manufactured as a single piece.

General information about injection molding technology

Injection molding technology is a widely used production method in the manufacture of LED lighting. Molten plastic, such as polycarbonate or ABS, is injected into a specially made mold. This mold, also called an injection mold or injection mold, consists of two halves that contain the negative of the desired housing shape.

The injection molding process begins with injecting the molten plastic into the mold under high pressure. The pressure ensures that the plastic fills the entire shape and the desired contour and details of the case are achieved. After the plastic has hardened in the mold, the mold is opened and the finished housing is removed.

Injection molding technology offers numerous advantages for the production of LED lighting. Firstly, it enables the production of precise housing shapes with high repeatability. This allows LED lamps to be manufactured with consistent quality and accuracy of fit.

Secondly, the injection molding process allows the production of large quantities in a short time. Once the injection molding tool is manufactured, it can be used for series production, resulting in efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.

Furthermore, injection molding technology offers great design freedom. By adjusting the shape, individual housing shapes and sizes can be realized to meet specific requirements and design ideas.

Quality – durability – various possible uses

Injection molding technology allows us to produce precise, high-quality parts. The plastic PC offers high transparency and durability, heat resistance, or moisture resistance, which is crucial for the light distribution and longevity of the products. By using this technology, we can produce the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® efficiently while ensuring high quality.

We also use injection molding technology to produce many of our lenses, such as the SUNNY® spots. This method allows us to produce visually appealing and functional lenses that enable precise light control.

The housings of our drivers, such as the prepCut® and prepDAL®, are also manufactured using injection molding technology. This allows us to produce robust and reliable housings, ensuring a safe and efficient power supply for our lighting systems.

By using these production processes and materials, we can ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our continuous development and improvement of production processes enables us to respond efficiently and flexibly to the needs of our customers and to offer innovative lighting solutions.

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