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Production: die-casting technology

Die-casting technology in production at perdix

A frequently used method in the production of perdix is the die-casting technique. Preheated, liquid aluminum is pressed into an appropriately prepared steel mold. During the solidification process, the aluminum is kept under pressure to ensure optimal shape and strength.

This die-casting technique is used in the production of our heat sinks for spot downlights, such as the DECENT CIRCLE®, SUNNY®, CHAMELEON®, BOBBY® and CROWN® models. By using these high quality aluminum heatsinks, we can ensure efficient heat dissipation, resulting in improved performance and longevity of our products.

General information about die casting technology

The production of LED lights at Perdix includes the crucial step of aluminum die casting. This process plays a significant role in creating precise and complex housing shapes for LED lighting.

Perdix uses high quality aluminum alloys to produce LED lights that are lightweight yet sturdy. By using die-cast aluminum, housings can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to meet individual requirements and design ideas.

Our process begins with melting the aluminum in a furnace. The molten aluminum is then injected under high pressure into a prepared die-casting mold. The mold itself was precisely designed to achieve the desired features and details of the case, such as heat sinks, fasteners and openings for the LED chips and cabling.

After the aluminum has solidified and cooled in the mold, the mold is opened and the finished housing is removed. At this point, further processing steps can occur, such as removing burrs, surface treatment and assembling the LED chips and other components.

The use of die-cast aluminum for the production of housings offers numerous advantages. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, helping to improve the heat dissipation of the LED chips and extending their lifespan. In addition, the die-casting process enables the production of thin, yet stable housings that ensure efficient light distribution and protection of the sensitive LED components.

Quality and precision

At Perdix, the quality and precision of the aluminum die-cast parts for LED lights is ensured through strict quality controls. This includes monitoring the alloy composition, inspecting the molds and checking the finished housings for dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Thanks to the aluminum die-casting process, Perdix can produce high-quality LED lights with attractive design, excellent heat dissipation and high energy efficiency. These lights are used in a variety of applications, be it residential, commercial, public areas or industrial environments.

The die casting process offers numerous advantages, including the ability to produce complex shapes with high precision. It also enables fast and efficient series production, which leads to increased production capacity and short delivery times. The use of aluminum as a material also offers good corrosion resistance and low weight, which is advantageous in terms of both functionality and transport operations.

With our expertise and use of the latest die-casting technology, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. By combining innovative design, first-class material selection and precise manufacturing technology, we can offer our customers long-lasting, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.

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