perdix in China – travel in April 2023

Visit our partners and developers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

perdix in China: Our trip to our partners and developers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China was simply phenomenal. From the first moment we were warmly welcomed; We are partners and have great appreciation for each other! It’s inspiring to exchange new ideas and work on projects together.

As always, during our stay we also visited our toolmakers and production facilities to look over their shoulders at work. It always fascinates me to experience the production process first hand.

perdix in China: approval of designs, visit to the production facility and to our toolmakers

It was particularly gratifying to hold my new designs, fully developed, in my hand and signed for approval, a successful collaboration and further great progress. The completion of production for two 40-ton containers was another milestone that gave us great pleasure and demonstrated the progress of our projects. (Find out more about product availability here)

Staying in the dark room of the light laboratory was a fascinating experience for all of us. It is always impressive to see how much detailed work and care goes into the measurements and analyses. By precisely analyzing and understanding light, we can create the perfect atmosphere and mood and optimize the visual experience for our customers.

The big surprise!

And then came the surprise: my friend Bridget had prepared a very special gift for me. I never expected this! A painting of her favorite portrait of mine. The joy and gratitude I felt in that moment was overwhelming. Such gestures of love and friendship fill the heart with immeasurable joy and create memories that last a lifetime.

The best food:

Of course, the good food couldn’t be missed either. In Hong Kong we visited my favorite restaurant, which I don’t know the name of but always knew the location. I’ve been coming here regularly for 15 years. Before the pandemic hit, I was shocked to see that the restaurant had been demolished. I was very sad about this as I thought the restaurant didn’t make it. But to my great joy, I learned that the owner had survived and invested in a new, modern building while maintaining the authentic style. They were beautiful moments that I remember fondly.

Deines Essen in China von Frau perdix Lieblingsrestaurant an der Temple Street in Hong Kong, China.

The precious moments of encounters, the creative exchanges and the delicious culinary delights filled us with joy and happiness. I am deeply grateful for this wonderful journey and the unforgettable memories that I will carry in my heart. May the joy we experienced on this journey accompany and inspire us for a long time to come.