Blick von aussen in das Lerncenter Zürich, ausgestattet mit der BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0 von perdix.

Perdix in the Zurich learning center

The right light for better learning – Zurich learning center

The Zurich learning center, a state-recognized private school in Zurich, has existed since 1997. It gives children and young adults the opportunity to develop their intellectual and social potential and develop into independent personalities. The corridors and rooms of the Learning Center have been equipped with perdix lights since 2020.

In the summer of 2020, Oliver Haas, part-time general manager of the Zurich learning center, was looking for ceiling lights for his law firm Gegenschatz Partner AG. He came across perdix through a recommendation. The offer and the know-how convinced him. perdix received the order to equip the office with its lights.

Oliver Haas was impressed by the result and perdix’s lighting planning skills. Also about the idea of using light in such a way that it positively influences the people who live and work in it. When it came time to completely overhaul the learning center, it was clear that he would also rely on the comprehensive advice and lights from perdix.

Different challenges

Very different factors had to be taken into account: The pipes in the historic manor house are old and the ceilings with their stucco are fragile. The lighting conditions should allow for a clean projector image without any problems in everyday school life. And: The outbuilding was already equipped with lights that were supposed to harmonize with the new ones. In addition to the technical aspects, another point played a role: the influence of light and the learning environment on the students. Details are easier to see in balanced, good lighting. This in turn affects the reading speed.

«We were looking for a lamp that simulates daylight. Although warm light might be more pleasant under certain circumstances, we opted for ‘business light’, which contributes to a better learning environment,” says Oliver Haas, general manager of the Learning Center in Zurich.

In fact, a study at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf showed that light with a higher proportion of blue light increases reading speed by up to 30 percent and reduces the error rate on school tests by 45 percent.

Individual solutions

«Ms. Perdix quickly grasped what we were concerned about and what we needed. She responds very specifically to the customer and identifies with them without having to engage in lengthy sales discussions. “Solving the problem was our top priority right from the start,” says Oliver Haas. “She used targeted questions, analyzes and tests to gain an overview of the situation.”

Perdix therefore recommended a lamp that sets clear accents but would not impair the charm of the old, stucco-decorated ceiling: the BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0® ring lamp, which was set to 4000K (neutral white light). The result is impressive: the timeless design of the perdix functional lights blends wonderfully into the time-honored surroundings.

The previously weak, indirect lighting in the classrooms was replaced by the room-illuminating
BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0®. There is also enough light on the tables.

perdix has also renewed the lighting in the corridors: thanks to the GR8-LINE®, these are now flooded with light and representative. The students are warmly welcomed into their school.

The influence of light on our performance and well-being has long been underestimated. Schools, for example, were designed with little connection to the outside world so that concentration while working is not disturbed. However, the lights provided too little and only indirect light. Today we know that children who have little natural light in their classrooms perform less well and even complain of feeling unwell after a while. Conversely, good lighting concepts promote the performance and well-being of students. Oliver Haas confirms this: “Since we started using the Perdix lights, I generally find the atmosphere to be more alert.”

You can access the virtual room tour through the Learning Center here: Start the tour

Zurich learning center, Lerncenter Zürich, LED, Qualität, Beleuchtung, Zürich, Luzern, Schweiz, Switzerland
Zurich learning center, Lerncenter Zürich, LED, Qualität, Beleuchtung, Zürich, Luzern, Schweiz, Switzerland
Zurich learning center, Lerncenter Zürich, LED, Qualität, Beleuchtung, Zürich, Luzern, Schweiz, Switzerland