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Swiss warehouse with high stock availability

For deliveries to Switzerland, if you order them from perdix before 5 p.m., the items will be in your branch or at the desired construction site the next day. For deliveries to Germany, Austria & Co., the products are delivered within 3 – 5 working days. Thanks to our larger warehouse and our high stock availability, we at perdix offer excellent product availability of 95%.

Our Swiss warehouse with an impressive size of 6’600 square meters allows us to keep a high number of products in stock. There are over 2’185 Euro pallets in our high-bay warehouse, so we can ensure that your desired products are available.

In addition to our wide range and our reliable product availability, we attach great importance to quality. At perdix we rely on high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure that our lights meet the highest standards. With a variety of variations, sizes and colors, we offer the right solution for every taste and every requirement.

Advantages of high stock availability

High inventory availability offers companies numerous advantages. By maintaining an extensive inventory, we can respond quickly to customer inquiries and ensure a high level of delivery readiness. As a result, you have the opportunity to receive your ordered products reliably and promptly.

In addition, high stock availability enables optimized production. This means you can plan more efficiently and avoid bottlenecks by using our stock.

Furthermore, high stock availability minimizes the risk of delivery bottlenecks. By maintaining sufficient inventory, we are less susceptible to delivery delays or failures. We can better respond to unforeseen fluctuations in demand or unforeseen events.

high stock availability
high stock availability

Production is running at full speed

Production in Shenzhen and Shanghai is running at full speed, and perdix continues to develop and design diligently. Even well-known products such as the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® are constantly being developed with new functions. What already exists is improved, additional sizes and accessories make the family of lights more attractive and exciting with many possible uses.

The perdix range includes ceiling lights such as the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0®, spot downlights such as SUNNY®, bar lights such as CHEEKY®, and ring lights such as BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0®. perdix offers a wide range of variants and colors for these products: ON/OFF, DALI, NOT, SENSOR, NOT & SENSOR and even DALI & NOT.

Transparency regarding production and stock availability

This year, perdix has decided to focus even more on closeness, dialogue, honesty and transparency, better relationships, real sustainability and loyalty! Regarding transparency, perdix also wants to address sensitive topics in the next articles.

perdix is happy to address issues that are important to you openly and together with you.

> Raw Materials: Price Increase – Transparent Backgrounds

> Transport costs: Price Increase – Transparent Backgrounds

> Product availability – Price Increase – Transparent Backgrounds