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Price increase – transparent backgrounds / product availability

Product availability: Extensive stocks

Price increase with high product availability: In our first two articles we discussed the increased raw material prices and transport costs. In the last article we will discuss product availability. For almost ten years, we have not only been offering our customers stable prices, but also maintaining them sustainably in turbulent markets. This is possible, among other things, thanks to our good product availability. However, due to rising raw material and transport costs, we are forced to adjust prices to the current market situation from September 1st, 2022.

Swiss warehouse with high product availability

Do you need goods for your daily business? If you order these from us before 5:00 p.m., the items will be in your branch or desired construction site the next day. There is a reason for this: perdix offers excellent product availability. Ms. Perdix has been purchasing the raw materials in large quantities for many years. In our Swiss warehouse with 2’000 square meters we have a high-bay warehouse with over 1’640 Euro pallets. These include more than:

65‘000 ceiling lights in various variations, sizes and colors
100‘000 accessories
150‘000 spot downlights
80‘000 ballasts
40‘000 built-in housings
35‘000 spot modules
30‘000 bar lights
5‘000 floodlights and industrial spotlights
25‘000 emergency lights
10‘000 track spotlights 

Our product availability is very important to us. That’s why, even before 2020, we always made sure that there were enough raw materials in stock at the production facilities. This planning was also advantageous from a financial perspective. We have also set up the corresponding warehouse in Switzerland to ensure the availability of our products for our customers.

As discussed in our two previous blog posts, both raw material and transport costs have increased. We are now adjusting prices so that we can continue to provide you with good products and offer the best availability.

Already knew? We are one of the few providers in Switzerland that has such a comprehensive warehouse – especially in terms of different variations. Not only electricians, but also other lighting manufacturers, specialist retailers and project managers can rely on perdix. That’s what we stand for.

Price increases due to high product availability: This is what the change means for you

The good news: The usual perdix quality of our products does not suffer from the circumstances discussed. One reason for this is our good availability of goods. However, we can no longer maintain the current prices and are adjusting them to a moderate extent to the current market situation. Our promise to you: If costs go down, we will adjust the prices downwards again.

Do you have any questions about the price increase? We are glad to be here for you.

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