Custom-made for the BKB NEW WORK

We make everything possible: a floor lamp for the Basler Kantonalbank (custom-made)

When the architect Mauro Colazzo was looking for a round pendant lamp for his “Basler Kantonalbank New Work” project, he thought of the BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0®, custom-made, from perdix, which had already particularly caught his eye in another context.

In addition to the impressive design of the BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0®, which ideally fits the architecture, something else was crucial for Mauro Colazzo when choosing the right partner: “It is my belief that new and younger companies should also be used. This is the only way to create quality,” says the architect. Since perdix was able to prevail over its competitors in terms of product requirements and costs, the company was awarded the contract.

To illuminate some low rooms, Mauro Colazzo also looked for floor lamps. It was obvious to look for a solution for this with perdix. Ms. Perdix loves the challenge of realizing individual customer wishes and designed the new floor lamp.

Custom-made: perdix in collaboration with the light workshop

In Pascal Häberli from the Lichtwerkstatt, she found a passionate lighting professional who made her design become reality. The trained electrician decided to build his own lights three years ago. “My big goal was and is to combine materials with strong character such as wood and metal with light and to create a sustainable product,” says Pascal Häberli, describing the idea behind his craft. That’s exactly what perdix needed for the development and realization of the floor lamps: someone who could combine the BIG CIRCLE RING 2.0® with wood.

They faced the challenge together. What type of wood should we use, round bars or slats, varnished, oiled or stained? Which type of connection cable is the right one? How should the light be switched? “We made different sketches and used broomsticks to try to get a feel for it. What would the construction look like and how could it be realized?” says Pascal Häberli.

What was particularly challenging was achieving stability and at the same time creating a light that appeared light. Because if the intersection of the x-shaped rods was moved, the entire impression also changed.

Vom wackeligen ersten Prototypen mit langen, dünnen Beinen entwickelte sich die Stehleuchte zu einer robusten Version mit stabilen Rundstäben aus Eiche. Dabei haben wir einen eleganten Kabelkanal integriert, der die Anschlusskabel diskret versteckt. Und so stehen und strahlen die Leuchten heute in der Basler Kantonalbank.

Pascal Häberli freut sich über die inspirierende Zusammenarbeit mit perdix und das tolle Ergebnis. «Mit Leidenschaft, Qualitätsdenken und Nachhaltigkeit treiben Georgia, Patrick und ihr Team das Unternehmen und ihre Produkte voran. Und genau darum würde ich sofort wieder ein solches Projekt mit perdix realisieren, weil mir die Werte genauso wichtig sind wie ihnen.»

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Pascal Häberli from the light workshop with Ms. Perdix.