An interview with Ms. Perdix

Light Middle East Dubai: The focus is on the passion for light

Ms. Perdix, two months have now passed since you were able to exhibit at the Light Middle East trade fair in Dubai – what is your summary looking back?

Our courage to go to Dubai was rewarded! The world is open and creative people are everywhere. Middle East welcomed us immediately and the reception was overwhelming. We left with no great expectations and came back with so many positive things.

What is special about this trade fair?

I had the impression that people there showed an affinity for design from our culture and are often more sensitive to it than we are in Europe. You have an understanding of competence and quality. And although it is “a man’s world”, they are also very respectful towards women. 

This year the trade fair was smaller than usual. However, I found that to be positive, as thousands of visitors still came, but they were able to focus better on individual exhibitors. We never got bored – we hardly even had time to breathe. We even had to put off some guests at our stand until the following day.

How did you come to exhibit at Light Middle East? 

Actually it wasn’t our own idea. We originally wanted to go to Light & Building in Frankfurt, but it was postponed several times. And so it happened that the organizers of Light Middle East spontaneously asked us and I spontaneously answered back… Why not?! 

Light Middle East Dubai

“We were the only Swiss exhibitors. That was a highlight for the visitors.”

How is Light Middle East different from other events you have attended before?

The interest is real and it’s about the thing itself. Unfortunately, this has been lost at trade fairs in Switzerland. Trade fairs are changing. We will no longer follow trade fairs in Switzerland – unless the organizers reinvent themselves and things become really interesting for us again. Now we do private events with exclusive invitations for people who are really interested. We believe that in this way we can create mutual added value. 

What was the mood there like?

The atmosphere was sensational. Very impressive! And the audience challenged me, which I enjoyed.

There were no other Swiss exhibitors, only international players and locals. We were the only Swiss and that was a highlight for the visitors.

What was your goal for the fair? Were your expectations met? 

I had no goals, I was just curious. And I am overwhelmed by the “Experiment perdix in Dubai”. 

Have you presented new products? What reactions have you received? 

The designs were incredibly well received and the understanding of our philosophy was well received. perdix has impressed people young and old alike.   

Behind the Scenes: Did everything work smoothly or were there any difficulties? 

Oh dear, no, it didn’t… There were problems with the logistics, which we were fortunately able to resolve at the last moment thanks to the experienced Swiss stand builder. 

Will you be there again next year?

For me it was one of the most impressive experiences ever. In 2022 we will come back to Dubai, with even more space and a larger crew.

Light Middle East Dubai