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New employees: Milada Schaffner

We at perdix warmly welcome Milada Schaffner as Head of Quotations | Sales welcome to our team! Her many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge make her an invaluable asset to our team. We are excited to have Milada Schaffner on board and are confident that she will make a significant contribution to our success.

Milada is known for her outstanding customer service skills and her ability to handle complex tasks with ease. She has earned a reputation as a reliable and dedicated professional who always delivers excellent results. Her passion for her job and her clients is reflected in her exceptional work ethic and great dedication.

As Director of Quotations and Sales, Milada will work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions for their individual needs. Your ability to understand customer needs and provide effective solutions will help ensure we can provide our customers with best-in-class products and services.

Employee with fair play and expertise

Milada is not only a technically experienced sales expert, but also an inspiring team player. Your strong team spirit, your communication skills and your ability to motivate others are crucial factors for successful collaboration. She is a dedicated networker and understands the importance of relationships and sharing interests.

We attach great importance to the competence and professionalism of our employees. We are confident that Milada will take our sales activities to a new level with her professional approach and strong business acumen. Her focus on efficiency and ability to make strategic decisions will help us achieve our goals and further improve our customer service.

Welcome, Milada! We at perdix look forward to working with you and celebrating successes together. With your specialist knowledge and passion, you are a valuable addition to the perdix team. Together we will continue to expand our sales and strengthen the perdix brand.

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