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LED light bar system CHEEKY®

LED light bar system CHEEKY® is simple but effective

LED light bar systems are versatile lighting solutions that consist of a series of LED lights integrated into a flexible support profile. These light bars can be mounted on walls, ceilings or other surfaces to create even and effective lighting. LED light strip systems are available in different lengths, colors and light intensities. They can be adapted to individual requirements and the desired lighting effect. They offer high energy efficiency, a long service life and a wide range of possible uses in living spaces, shops, offices and other areas. The CHEEKY® LED light bar system can be used for both general lighting and accent lighting. CHEEKY® is dimmable and the light color can be adjusted on the lamp. Thanks to their flexible installation and modern design, LED bar systems offer an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for individual lighting requirements.

CHEEKY® in use

Simple and concise in its design, the CHEEKY® is defiantly effective in its performance. Dark hallways, garages, basements or parking garages receive uniform lighting with the new CHEEKY® light bar. It improves orientation and increases safety. The light bar system can be used in a variety of ways. Whether mounted on the ceiling, vertically on the wall or as a pendant light – with its excellently low UGR glare value of less than 18, the CHEEKY® can be used without hesitation even in low rooms or narrow hallways.

CHEEKY® fully lives up to its name: with its bold design and uncomplicated installation method, it fits easily into its surroundings. Depending on your preference, it is available in black or white and in two different sizes. In addition, the two light colors and the light output can be adjusted using a slide switch on the light.

CHEEKY® is available as ON/OFF as standard, and optionally also as an emergency light with self-test. All models offer the option of through-wiring. With the PRO version, several light bars can be connected using the plug-in principle.

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