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LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0 impresses in the practical test: energy efficient and easy to install.

As a manufacturer of high-quality LED lights, we are very pleased: our LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® impresses in the practical test by eTrends. The results confirm our commitment to high quality and energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

We would like to highlight the key findings from the practical test:

  • Thanks to the included mounting bracket, installation is simple and uncomplicated. The bracket is made of high-quality metal, which ensures stable attachment to the ceiling.
  • Our light allows for continuous brightness adjustment via an integrated dimmer. The brightness can also be easily regulated using the included remote control. Furthermore, thee LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® offers the option of choosing between the light colors 3000 Kelvin and 4000 Kelvin in order to optimally adapt to different rooms.
  • Compared to an old retrofit LED light, the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® achieved significantly higher illuminance. This confirms the performance of our lamp and provides bright and pleasant light in the illuminated rooms.
  • The light is equipped with a motion sensor in which various parameters such as detection range and follow-up time can be set. This offers additional flexibility and enables optimal use of the lighting.
  • A special feature of the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® is the low energy consumption in standby mode. With just 0.43W, the light ensures very low electricity costs and efficient use of energy. Furthermore, this is an important factor for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • The foam surround on the underside of the light ensures that the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® sits cleanly and protected on the ceiling. This is particularly beneficial in environments with high humidity or dust.
  • Overall, the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® was rated as being of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. It also offers good light quality and is available in different versions to meet individual needs.

We would like to thank eTrends for the practical test and the positive recommendation.

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