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In the interview, Georgia D., aka Ms. Perdix, explains what the company name is all about and what vision she is pursuing with her company.

Georgia, what inspired you to start perdix and what goals do you have for the company?

MS PERDIX: When we founded perdix ten years ago, we already had a lot of experience with architecture and design. Light has always fascinated us. Now we wanted to take action ourselves. Our goal is to design and produce lighting with timeless designs, sustainable products that are still available even after 20 years.

We also want to be number 1 in the market when it comes to product availability.

What makes your lights unique and how do they differ from other products available on the market?

All of our lights are of high quality, are flexible in planning and application and offer a good price/performance ratio. We pay attention to sustainability every day while maintaining high availability. The product families can be combined with one another in a project.

Which of your lights are currently most in demand?

The LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0® surface-mounted luminaires, the SUNNY® downlight spots, the CHEEKY® light strips and the EMER® emergency lighting.

What special features or technologies do you incorporate into your lighting solutions to optimize their efficiency and performance?

We use high-quality LED (CRI90, MacAdams 2-3, 100..140 lm/W). Plus its own drivers, sophisticated diffusers, reflectors and optics with good glare values and good lumen output.

How do you support your customers in choosing the right lighting solution?

First of all, we listen to the customers. Then we look for a solution that is as uncomplicated as possible. Detailed data sheets and product videos accompany the decision-making process. We produce project-specific lights for special requirements. If necessary, we can also take care of the entire lighting planning.

Where do you see the future challenge for the lighting industry? In terms of energy, design, functionality or even automation?

We create products that can meet the standard requirements. Digitalization will also be a focus in the next few years, keyword BIM.

Are there certain projects or references that you are particularly proud of and that underline your experience and expertise in the industry?

Yes, these include projects at the ETH Zurich Hönggerberg, the KKL Lucerne and the Basler Kantonalbank.

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