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Film work at perdix

Background: that’s why we’re called perdix!

The project revolved around the history and motivation behind the name “perdix”. With humor, respect and creative staging, Georgia D. alias Ms. Perdix, together with Sooli Film, told the background story and the meaning associated with the name. The goal was to give them an insight into the creation and background of perdix.

Everything has its heart

Soooli Film is a passionate film studio that tells stories that are meant to change the world. They believe that stories can convey messages and touch people. Every story goes through the unique “Sooli storytelling process”, from the idea to the finished film. Sooli Film attaches great importance to finding the right “heart” for every story. They understand that a good story thrives on emotions and human connection. With passion and empathy, they search for the core of the story that touches and captivates the audience.

Soooli Film takes care of all steps in the production, from the organizational preparations to the final production. Depending on the size of the project, they work with a suitable crew either in-house or co-production.

Coming soon

Look forward to the upcoming video and let perdix and Soooli Film take you into the fascinating world of perdix’s stories.

> Click here for the video: Ond drum… heissen mir perdix!
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