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German Design Award: Looking Back and Present

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. It is awarded annually by the German Design Council. The award recognizes outstanding design in various categories and recognizes the achievements of companies and designers who set new standards through their creativity and innovation.

The German Design Award stands for innovation, creativity and high design quality. It recognizes the achievements of designers and companies that harness the potential of design for positive change.

Jury statement for the German Design Award for LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0 and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0

«Practically only the diffuser of the smart high-tech lamp is visible, which is not only available in a square but also a round shape. An absolutely timeless, minimalist design that is consistently reduced to the basic geometric shape, which means the lamp can be used in a variety of ways.»

The winners of the German Design Award LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0®, surface-mounted ceiling lights with a classic, modern diffuser ensure homogeneous, glare-free illumination.

They impress with their simple geometry, and complementary accessories enable creative variations. “shade” expands the indirect light component and creates a new design. The “direct ring” draws a border around the lamp and ensures compactness and that only direct light comes out. The “pendant kit” easily turns the surface-mounted light into a pendant light.

German Design Award, Gewinner, LED Beleuchtung, LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0®, LIBRE SQUARE 2.0®

German Design Award winner with new features

With a CRI value of 90, colors are now displayed even more naturally, more vividly and with greater detail. This is particularly important in environments where accurate color perception is crucial, such as showrooms, stores or art galleries.

The LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® 250mm was originally available with a standard wattage of 15W. However, we have found that there is a lot of demand for a lower wattage. We have therefore revised our product and now offer two wattage options (adjustable via DIB switch on the light).

The LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® 250mm with CRI90 and adjustable wattage is an investment in high quality lighting that meets your individual needs while offering energy efficiency and flexibility.

NEW only for LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0®:

With the “built-in flex” accessory, the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® ceiling light can be flexibly installed in the ceiling. It is possible to have the lamp look out of the ceiling and include it as an additional room element or to install the lamp completely into the ceiling and hide it. Then only the light from the ceiling cutout illuminates the room.