Garantie und Service

Guarantee and service

A 5-year guarantee and a 20-year after-sales guarantee are always included

There are no regulations or rules for guarantees; each manufacturer defines its own conditions. Damaged electronic products are referred to as DOA (dead on arrival) or defective. If defects only become apparent during use, sometimes only after a year. Many manufacturers make it difficult for their customers to file complaints and receive replacements.

At perdix it is fundamentally different because we value quality, service and, above all, trust. Customers can rely on us. When purchasing perdix products, you are choosing something honest and sustainable.

For example, if an end customer purchased a ceiling light that was delivered in perfect condition. However, this may have been damaged during transport (vibrations). Then he can call us and register it. We’ll take care of all the bureaucracy and he’ll get a 1:1 replacement. We pay all transport costs and analyze what caused the damage and how we can avoid similar cases in the future.

Then there are electricians who use multiple products in different areas on a large project, which can be challenging. We support our partners here too. We accompany you with our expertise by planning the lighting together with you. And we make sure that all standards are adhered to.

Extension of the guarantee

perdix has kept its word regarding guarantees for ten years and would like to expand these services even further. The aim is to certify our partner electricians so that they are authorized to repair products using spare parts even after the five-year warranty has expired. For example, if the driver of a surface-mounted ceiling light no longer works after twelve years, the electrician can provide perdix with the model and invoice date, and we will immediately know which electronic part we have to provide him with. The electrician can invoice the customer for his service, who enjoys the same design in the property as before and contributes to more sustainability with his decision.

What happens if the entire production is affected?

Yes, it can happen, and it even happens to the best, in every industry… perdix has been in this situation before and suffered financial losses, but the most important thing remained: the trust and satisfaction of its customers. In some projects in which we discovered through our own monitoring that a soldering point had too little tin during production, if 10 percent of the lights were defective, we replaced them all free of charge. perdix has an aftersales team that replaces the lights directly with the customers. All defective lights are returned to the factory where they are recycled.

perdix is constantly developing its products. By evaluating the data obtained from serious analysis, after-sales activity and customer feedback, we improve the product range and increase its sustainability every day.

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