It was Urs! And he didn’t know it!

Improvement with passion: Feedback that helps you move forward.

Ms. Perdix is always attentive when her customers express criticism. What challenges does the installer encounter during installation? How can you take these into account as a designer? 🤔 We met Urs in 2017. Urs said that there are objects that require the lights to be installed the way the designer placed them. But sometimes this is difficult if the ceiling light’s power supply is not in the middle. This also means that they cannot be introduced immediately, etc. etc. Ms Perdix has taken this to heart. Even though the products were ready, the entire construction was turned upside down. The lamp has been completely redesigned.

Complete revision of LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0®

No sooner said than done: 6 months later the time had come. From now on, all models of the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0® had the connection point located to the side of the center of the lamp and the cable connection via the center was now possible. Of course, with the improvement, other additional designs were added for further functionalities, because such interventions in the housing construction involve immense investments; In addition, everything has to be freshly certified again, since even the smallest change to the product means that all certificates (CE, TÜV, etc.) must match the new model.

Urs Trüssel is a man of the trade, an electrician with passion, who has been working at CKW Conex for decades and will soon be going into his well-deserved retirement! We would like to thank you very much for any support and feedback, which we greatly appreciate and, as you can see, implement in order to be able to develop the best products for professionals! Thank you, Urs and all CKW employees who have contributed to us at perdix developing our products into the best and allowing us to continually take on challenges that we master successfully!

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