CHAMELEON®; LED Beleuchtung, , LED, LED Spot-Downlight; Anbaustrahler; Einbausstrahler; Spot; Downlight; Deckeneinbauspot; Deckenstrahler; Einbaustrahler; kardanisch schwenkbar; starr; dimmbar; weiss; schwarz; CRI90; 2700K (extra warmweiss); 3000K (warmweiss); 4000K (neutralweiss); IP65; Netzstörungsresistent; DALI2 dimmbar; Phasenabschnitt dimmbar; Push-DIM DC-tauglich; bis zu 100lm/W; Reflektor Optik; 3-Step MacAdams binning; UGR19; 5 Jahre Garantie, 20 Jahre Nachkaufsgarantie, energieeffizient, stromsparend, langlebig, 5 Jahre Garantie, Schweiz, Luzern, Zentralschweiz


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Innovative LED spot downlight for the highest demands

CHAMELEON® is an impressive spot with a faceted reflector optic that ensures outstanding color rendering with a CRI value of 90. The name says it all: This recessed light adapts perfectly to its surroundings, thanks to the innovative smart ring that allows the cutout to be flexibly adjusted. With 355° rotation and gimbal swivel function, CHAMELEON® can be aligned extremely precisely.

CHAMELEON® impresses not only with its flexibility, but also with its outstanding technical properties. With IP65 protection, it is protected against the ingress of dust and water, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is also resistant to network interference and offers reliable performance. The DALI2 dimmable and trailing edge dimmable option enables easy integration into existing lighting systems. In addition, it is Push-DIM DC compatible.

The CHAMELEON® spotlights offer a high luminous efficacy of up to 100lm/W and an even light distribution thanks to the high-quality reflector optics. With 3-Step MacAdams Binning we ensure precise color consistency, while a UGR19 value ensures pleasant lighting without glare.

CHAMELEON® is not only powerful, but also durable and energy efficient. With a 5-year guarantee and a 20-year after-sales guarantee, customers can trust in the quality and reliability of this Swiss product series. CHAMELEON® spotlights are manufactured with precision and care, providing a premium lighting solution for a wide range of applications

CHAMELEON® ist nicht nur leistungsstark, sondern auch langlebig und energieeffizient. Mit einer Garantie von 5 Jahren und einer Nachkaufsgarantie von 20 Jahren können Kunden auf die Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit dieser Schweizer Produktserie vertrauen. CHAMELEON® Spotlights werden mit Präzision und Sorgfalt hergestellt und bieten eine erstklassige Beleuchtungslösung für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen.