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10 years – perdix celebrates its anniversary!

It all started with a fascination for light – and a visit to a trade fair in Hong Kong in 2009. We have been developing lights since 2013 (already 10 years): high-quality and timeless.

perdix was founded in Emmenbrücke in November 2013, and the headquarters and now also the showroom have been in Lucerne for ten years. The logistics center grew from 20 to over 2600 m2 over the years. It changed location several times and has been in Steckborn and Mülheim on Lake Constance for a few years.

However, this will change in 2025 when it is brought back to Central Switzerland, namely to Entlebuch. More space, because perdix is growing and growing, and Ms. Perdix’s vision is to offer the largest and best product availability when it comes to lighting.

The perdix motto is “fast – sustainable – quality”. perdix also has locations in Hong Kong, Konstanz and soon also in Dubai. The engineers continue to work in Shenzhen. perdix has over 300 molds, which are almost 90 percent of all the tools needed to manufacture perdix products.

It all started with one light…

10 years – perdix has some milestones to show. The company started with just one light source, a GU10 spot called BARON®, which has been installed almost half a million times in Switzerland alone. It is being brought back to life for the tenth anniversary, in combination with the new BE CRAFTY® lighting family.

After BARON®, the development journey continued to spot modules with external drivers. This was followed by the first spot downlights. They should be compact, flat and more durable. Nine years ago, the DECENT CIRCLE® & DECENT SQUARE® spot downlight families were developed and also installed worldwide.

The greatest honor was bestowed upon perdix when she was allowed to install over 2000 spot downlights (custom-made) with her own DALI2 ballasts (prepDAL®) in her own city, in the world-famous KKL. The DECENT CIRCLE® & DECENT SQUARE® were further developed after ten years, perdix invested and improved everything to prepare these products for the next decades.

10 years: Sustainability

The idea of sustainability had been on Ms. Perdix’s mind for a long time, even before she founded her company.

As an employee of an LED company, she didn’t like how much material was imported and was designed in such a way that everything had to be thrown away if there was a defect. Ms. Perdix’s vision is to design lights so sustainably that we can move away from this throwaway society together.

70 percent of perdix lights can already be repaired, but the goal is clear: Ms. Perdix wants 100 percent!

This vision gave rise to a mission: Next year, perdix would like to start a program to train and certify electricians, specialist dealers, etc. to become authorized partners. Only they will then be authorized to open and repair perdix products and to purchase perdix spare parts such as ballasts, LED modules and other electronic parts.

perdix has been offering a five-year guarantee for some time and a 20-year replacement guarantee for almost two years.

10 years: milestone

One of the biggest milestones that has made perdix best known are the LIBRE CIRCLE 2.0® and LIBRE SQUARE 2.0® surface-mounted ceiling light families. In 2020, perdix won the German Design Award twice. perdix has already produced over a million surface-mounted ceiling lights and is constantly developing this classic so that it lives on and remains a pioneer.

Ms. Perdix had to smile when she noticed at the beginning of the year that other manufacturers dared to copy this lamp. Ms. Perdix just says: “Taff shit, see you soon… perdix has already moved on… Tssssss, the next generation of the perdix classic is around the corner, my friends! Stay tuned with perdix!”

These are the perdix stories of a decade… Many people follow perdix behind the scenes on social media such as Facebook or Instagram or in the blog on the corporate page. Perdix is a family and will always be different than what you expect.

Perdix cordially invites everyone to get to know and experience the company personally. Architects, electricians and planners are welcome to come to perdix in Lucerne for an unforgettable visit. Appointments are possible from January 3, 2024 by sending an email request to gd@perdix.ch. The hospitality is Greek with a Swiss accent.

Friends of Light are welcome as individuals and as companies!